Tarot Reading Offer Package: Gold


The Tarot Reading Offer Package: Gold, includes:

12 Monthly Astrology Readings

Love Compatibility

1 Tarot Reading via email of 8 questions



Collaborate closely with an extremely experienced Astrologist by purchasing this offer package. Once you complete your purchase you get a unique order ID. With this ID code, you can send an email anytime to Psychic Aris. Each month you will be receiving your personal astrology reading handwritten by Psychic Aris. What is more, Psychic Aris will analyze your relationship or marriage. Last, but not least, you get a Large Tarot Reading via email of 8 questions. This is a complete reading package for all the aspects of your life. You matter! Your readings will be delivered to your inbox in just 24 hours.

Personal Astrology Readings focused on your birth chart!