Coffee Cup Reading via email by Taroto Spells Phychics

Coffee Cup Reading via email by Taroto Spells Phychics. Learn what the future holds for you from the comfort of your home, just by drinking your coffee. How can you do it? Watch the following steps.

How can I do it?

At any time of day, always before the sun goes down, make an enjoyable cup of coffee. Choose greek extra fine coffee for greater pleasure! Don’t choose a very small cup! Don’t forget that we want clear photographs! Ideal is a cup with a diameter of 6-7 centimeters.

Coffee cup reading via email by Taroto Spells Phychics. The answers!

Taroto Spells Phychics receives the photographs and the queries, too! Through a special procedure, they make the de-symbolism! In their notebook they imprints images and insights. They continue with the queries! They answer precisely, trying to write analytically every detail! When the procedure is completed, they prepares the complete reading in a reply e-mail. The coffee cup reading has been completed! At your pc comes a completed reading! A coffee reading, which is based on your own cup!

Coffee Cup Reading via email

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Coffee Cup Reading via email. Traditional coffee reading simply and easily by the comfort of your house. Psychic Athena prepares your reading in 24 hours.

Traditional coffee reading

Step 1 - Please provide your personal details
Step 2 - Send us the pictures of your coffee cupPlease send us 5 pictures. Watch the steps above for instructions.
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Step 3 - Your Questions
Step 4 - Your email